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About East Line Corporation

EAST LANE CORPORATION (ELCOR), a company which started operations in 1994, is engaged in the distribution of medical devices in the Philippines. ELCOR started out with the stoma care products from B. BRAUN in 1994 and by November 1995, was appointed as their only authorized partner to market the BIOTROL brand of ostomy appliance. While most other brands of stoma products at that time had a two-piece set wherein pressure had to be applied to fasten the pouch to the base plate, BIOTROL was the first two-piece system marketed in the Philippines, where the base plate featured a lock-ring mechanism, thus minimizing the pressure applied necessary to fasten the pouch to the base plate. It was the first stoma appliance that could be applied post operatively. This system was launched in the mid-nineties together with the CHRYSALIS, the one-piece stoma appliance. B.BRAUN continued to develop new products in stoma care and the ALMARYS TWIN was developed and launched in the country together with the ALMARYS OPTIMA one-piece appliance, during the turn of the new century. The ALMARYS TWIN later on evolved into the ALMARYS TWIN PLUS and this was launched in the country in 2005. In 2006, a new less expensive appliance was developed to cater specifically to the Asian market where reimbursement was not a practice in most countries in Asia. This was the PROXIMA2 and the PROXIMA one-piece..

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