Philippine Association of Central Services
and Sterilization Management

About Medisafe

Founded in 2002, Medisafe Philippines, Inc. has been a major partner of the medical industry in preventing healthcare-associated infections. To this day, we continue to provide top-of-the-line, high standard, health and safety brands that have complied with current industry trends and international standards. More than just physical products, we offer holistic solutions by providing training, after-sales service, and updates with the ever-changing technology. As times change, the company continues to grow and expand by heeding the important call of the consumers to make hospital grade products more accessible to the general public. Medisafe Philippines, Inc. will continue its mission to be of service, not only to the medical industry, but to all consumers in the country. The company believes that it is the right of every citizen in the Philippines to have access to quality brands and products that add a layer of protection to their health and safety.

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