Philippine Association of Central Services
and Sterilization Management

Committee election Guidelines:

The Commission Election (COMELEC)  main principle is to apply and administer all guidelines and regulations comparable with the election, plebiscites, popular votes and reviews. Please see the election guidelines listed below;
  1. All members must have the following qualifications:
    • Must be in Good Standing and a member of the cooperative for at least a year.
    • Must virtually attend the 2023 General Assembly.
  2. Qualified members are allowed to vote only once in the online ballot form and all shall use their registered email address in casting their votes. Members who vote using multiple email address will count as one.
  3. The election result shall be announced after the consolidation, validation and verification by election committee, audit committee and other authorized representatives.
  4. In case of connection error, please re-access the online ballot form or reload the page. Please ensure to have a stable internet connection.
  5. Only duly accomplished and submitted online ballot form will be officially recorded.
  6. Members successfully submitted their vote will receive and accomplished copy of Ballot form via registered email address.
  7. Election result shall be announced within forty-eight(48) hours after the consolidation, validation and verification be the Election Committee, Audit Committee and other authorized representatives.
  8. The online ballot form is accessible and open only during the General Assembly until the end of the Chairman’s Report.
  9. For any other help and support you can directly consult us at website.

Work instructions of committee election:

It is responsible for putting together decisions in different institutions like organizations, cooperative and societies.  Committee members are normally selected and consist of an election administrator. The election committee is also responsible for conveying the result of the election to the board, their members and their voter. 

What to submit for election?

For joining committee elections, you need to submit your CV and letter of intent and other details.

Candidate guidelines of committee election:

Each person who wishes to challenge an election has to fill a nomination form and give some cash for security deposit.  This data is made available to the public so that voters can make their choice based on the data given by the candidate.

Voting Link:

In majority, public authorities are chosen by the people who vote in an election i.e. choose among a few different candidates. For voting, the link will be given to the individual members.

Vote for Board of Directors:
  1. Give general strategy regulations and figure out development plans.
  2. Organize risk management systems and conduct evaluation systems at all levels.
  3. Select and terminate, based on just cause, the general manager.
  4. Figure out and review the vision, mission and goals of these cooperatives.


       Functions and responsibilities:

  • Figure out the election rules and guidelines and suggest to the general/gathering for approval.
  • Examine and ensure the result of the election.


       Committee election plays a significant role in a democratic country like India. Free working of committee elections is essential in such a manner. To know more information about committee elections you can visit our site